VAISEF Member Job Posting – Little Keswick School

Little Keswick School is currently accepting applications for a two middle school self-contained positions. Candidates must be licensed by the state of Virginia and certified in the areas of emotional disturbance and/or learning disabilities. A graduate level degree is preferred.

We are searching for an innovating, highly qualified, and passionate teacher who is interested in becoming part of a unique, supportive, and fulfilling learning community dedicated to supporting the special social, emotional, and academic needs of our boys.

The Little Keswick School is a small, private therapeutic boarding school for boys ages 10-18 who are working to develop the skills to manage and overcome a variety of learning, social, and emotional challenges. We are a small and intimate community of 35 students (at maximum enrollment) and a variety of professionals and support staff that includes clinical psychologists, special education teachers, classroom aides, residential counselors, administrators, and occupational, speech, and art therapists. Additionally, students also benefit from a variety of extracurricular and enrichment activities such as therapeutic horseback riding, art, wood shop, swimming, sports, and clubs throughout our expansive country campus. Visit the school’s website to watch an aerial view of the campus.

While many teachers throughout the country struggle with prescribed and restrictive curriculum, high-stakes testing, and a general lack of support, LKS teachers enjoy the flexibility of designing and delivering innovating and differentiated instruction that meets the students’ needs. Our collaborative classrooms are comprised eight or fewer students plus a teacher and a highly trained, experienced classroom aide who supports instruction and provides behavioral support.

Benefits of Working at LKS:

  • Beautiful, historic, wooded campus with an equestrian program, therapy dogs, community vegetable and herb garden, a pond, fountains, sports field, gymnasium, outdoor pool, and a renovated train depot where we eat meals as a community
  • Weekly professional collaboration with teachers, therapists, and counselors
  • “Teamwork” and “Building Community” aren’t just mottos; they’re the core of our campus culture
  • On-campus professional development and tuition assistance for conferences, courses, or continuing education
  • Classroom aides provide behavioral and academic support; additional support counselors are part of the academic team
  • Internationally recognized and award-winning school; licensed by the VA Dept. of Education and the VA Dept. of Behavioral Health and Developmental Servives; accredited by the VA Association of Independent Specialized Education Facilities
  • Mandt certification
  • Medical, dental, life insurance, pension plan, and paid vacation

Contact: Jody Berkey, Academic Coordinator

Phone: 434-295-0457 ext 37




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