VAISEF Member News – Little Keswick School Announces Transformation to Non-Profit Status

VAISEF Member Little Keswick School has the following news announcement to share with the provider community:

It is with great pleasure that I am writing to you today to inform you of an important transformation in the life of Little Keswick School (LKS).  Over the last several years, senior LKS staff and leadership have worked with expert independent educational and financial advisors to review the School’s status and to think strategically about the future of the School.

Careful consideration and study have made clear that Little Keswick School should become a non-profit organization, with an independent governing structure and robust fundraising capacities, in order to continue to be a leader in therapeutic education. In support of this initiative, Little Keswick Education Corporation (LKEC) was formed as a 501 (C) (3) organization and has purchased the School. 

This new chapter in the history of the School will ensure that the dream and legacy of Bob and Libby Wilson will continue.  The mission, programs, approach, and methods of the School will remain the same. The administrative leadership team of Marc Columbus, Terry Columbus, Dr. Thomson, Jody Berkey and Gene Lemarr will continue in their current capacities. Little Keswick will remain the very special place that you know and love.  The important clinical and academic work that truly transforms the lives of students and families will continue.

As a non-profit organization, Little Keswick School will be able to raise funds more effectively than it could a private, for-profit school. Little Keswick School will now be able to establish an annual fund and build a permanent endowment to support the future of the School for generations to come. The ability to raise funds and to create an endowment is crucial to keeping costs down and to making the School more accessible to families around the world that will benefit from our excellent programs.

Our team enthusiastically supports this transition. We look forward to sharing our vision for the future with you and we welcome your thoughts as we celebrate this important and exciting time in the life of Little Keswick School.


Marc J. Columbus
Little Keswick School

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