VAISEF Member School Job Opening – Special Education Math Teacher

Special Education – Math Teacher

Our specialized school, John G. Wood (JGW), is just the right size to teach students with emotional and behavioral challenges that impact their academic success. Small student-teacher ratios accommodate individual learning styles with a goal to transition students back to their public school as soon as possible. JGW includes a broad range of courses for children in kindergarten through grade 12 and Extended School Year (ESY) services are available during the summer. Some residents of VHBG’s group homes attend JGW in addition to students who commute from multiple localities in the Richmond region.

The teacher educates students enrolled in John G. Wood School utilizing evidenced-based, data-driven programming that assist students with meeting their academic and social-emotional needs. The teacher provides educational services to students in middle and high school in a therapeutic educational community.

Core duties and responsibilities:
• Delivers lessons that are appropriately structured and paced and includes learning activities that meet the needs of all students and lead to student mastery of Standards of Learning, social-emotional objectives and behavioral programming.
• Effectively designs the academic programming that supports the development of critical thinking standards for academic, theoretical and real-life situations.
• Selects or designs rigorous, valid summative and formative assessments that seek to analyze student results and guide instructional decisions by 100% accuracy; ensure that student learning activities are driven by the data collected from these formative assessments.
• Adheres to procedures & policies found within our internal VHBG Policy Manuals, federal guidelines, state guidelines as well as accreditation requirements.
• Engages in self-reflection and growth opportunities to support high levels of learning for all students.
• Effectively utilizes program methodologies to address the social and behavioral deficits of students.
• Effectively works with students’ parents and / or other identified stakeholders to address the academic and behavioral concerns presented in official and unofficial documentation.
• Markets to service providers and other decision-makers to influence client placements; articulating the desired culture and showing evidence of how it is reinforced.
• Establishes and maintains open lines of communication with parents, students, stakeholders and other staff members.
• Participates in the School Improvement Teams & Training to assist with the ongoing refinement of educational & behavioral programming offered by the school
• Responsible for other duties as assigned by the Director of JGW School.

Experience and Education:

• Professional or Provisional License in Special Education or Core Subject Area
• At least three years of experience supporting adolescents or young adults
• Must be able to successfully clear background checks associated with job and must successfully complete in-house training

• Masters’ degree from an accredited University or College in the field of Education, Special Education and/or another related Education Degree
• At least three years of experience supporting adolescents or young adults who have identified special education needs or identified with behavioral deficits


If you are interested, please contact: Darryl K. Smith-Ickes,