Complaint Policy

As an accrediting association, VAISEF will only evaluate complaint information against member organizations in terms of its relevance to association membership responsibilities and, if applicable, accreditation standards.  VAISEF is not a forum for the resolution of individual complaints or disputed matters, nor can we assist to resolve individual injuries or concerns.

In most cases, when a complaint is received by the VAISEF office or Board representative, the complainant will be referred to the director of the member program to seek resolution through their established grievance procedure.  If a complaint has been addressed, but not resolved, through such a procedure or if such a procedure is not available, the complainant will be referred to the member’s licensing regulatory agency.  If the complaint involves an allegation of abuse, neglect or mistreatment, the complainant will be referred to their local child protective services and licensing regulatory agency.

When a complaint involving a VAISEF member organization is received, the VAISEF representative receiving the complaint will acknowledge the complaint (unless received as an anonymous letter or message) and refer the complainant as indicated above and assure him/her we will review the concerns presented as they relate to VAISEF membership or accreditation.

A designated VAISEF Board member will notify the VAISEF representative designated on the VAISEF website for the subject facility of the nature of the complaint.  With this contact VAISEF will confirm whether or not the member is aware of the complaint and, if so if it was addressed according to an established grievance procedure.

In order to ensure that the program is in compliance with membership requirements, the member may be asked to provide a copy of their grievance procedure and/or other policy/procedures relevant to the complaint that may have bearing on VAISEF membership.

Likewise, if VAISEF accredits the program, policy/procedures relative to the complaint may be requested so the accreditation committee may assess continued compliance with the Standards of Accreditation.

If the Executive Committee deems an on-site investigation or accreditation review is necessary, related expenses will be borne by the facility.

Approved by the VAISEF Board of Directors April 25, 2012.