Applications & Procedures


Membership in VAISEF is open to educational programs that have completed one full year of successful operation.

To apply for membership into VAISEF, complete Part A and mail 3 completed copies of the application along with the $100 application fee to the VAISEF office. Upon receipt, it will be reviewed by the Membership Committee and then passed on to the VAISEF Board of Directors for final approval. From the date of submission of the application to final approval by the Board of Directors usually takes 60 to 90 days.


To be considered for accreditation, a program must be a member of VAISEF and have been in operation for at least one year. Potential members are welcome to apply for Membership and Accreditation simultaneously. In that situation, Membership will be approved first and then the Accreditation process will take place subsequently. Please see the document below regarding the fees for accreditation.

To apply for VAISEF accreditation for your facility, please complete the Membership and Accreditation Application and mail 3 completed copies of the application along with the appropriate fees to the VAISEF office. To determine the appropriate site-visit fee, see the “Membership and Accreditation Fees” document below.

Applications & Other Information

VAISEF Membership and Accreditation Application

VAISEF Accreditation Policy and Procedure Manual

VAISEF Membership and Accreditation Fees

VAISEF Membership Dues Information

VAISEF Code of Ethics – This document includes the VAISEF Code of Ethics and explains the association’s expectations. New members shall include a signed copy of this document with all new Membership and Accreditation applications. The Code of Ethics will also be included with VAISEF’s annual dues invoicing for an annual reminder and signature.

Further documents and resources regarding Accreditation can be found on the Standards of Accreditation and Accreditation Committee pages.

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