Standards of Accreditation

The VAISEF Standards of Accreditation consists of a series of standards and modules that serve as indicators of educational excellence in the programs and services provided by our members.

VAISEF Standards of Accreditation (Revised July 2018)

Accreditation Review Documents

The following two documents consist of matrixes and scoring templates to be used when a school is being reviewed through a site visit or is completing a self-study of their own program.

VAISEF Site Visit Report Summary

VAISEF Site Visit Profile (also see Completed Site Visit Profile Example)

Accreditation Committee Site Visit Reviewers should visit the Accreditation Committee page for further documents and resources.

Self-Study Requirement

As a part of VAISEF’s agreement with the Virginia Council for Private Education each VAISEF accredited facility is asked to complete a self-study at the half-way point between site-visits. Specific requirements for self-studies are included in the linked document below.

VAISEF Self-Study Requirements

Corrective Action Plan Guidance

When specific Standards of Accreditation are not fully met, either during site visit reviews or self-studies, schools are held accountable for completing Corrective Action Plans. Further guidance on how to conduct CAPs is included in the following document.


Further Information and Accreditation Resources

VCPE Virginia Specific Accreditation Standards

General information regarding VAISEF’s relationship with VCPE and the value of accreditation can be found on the About Accreditation document.

Information and documents pertaining to the Membership and Accreditation application processes may be found on the Applications & Procedures page.

A comprehensive list of all Accreditation process related documents may be found on the Accreditation Committee page.


The accreditation process for VAISEF has been approved by the Virginia Council for Private Education as authorized by the Virginia State Board of Education.

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