Membership Services Committee

The Membership Services Committee is responsible for proposing and coordinating the implementation of information exchanges and cooperative service arrangements between member facilities, as well as any other means of capitalizing on the collective experience represented in the Association and sharing it with all members.  The committee also oversees the planning and coordination of all VAISEF conferences, seminars and membership meetings.  Over the next year this committee will put the final touches on the Spring Conference which will be held at the Homestead Resort as well as plan the fall conference in October.  We will be creating a database to provide LEA representatives information regarding VAISEF activities, conferences, seminars and overall status of the organization.  Another big project will be the-re organization of the VAISEF web page and with this our responsibility will be to add content to the site that will be informational and helpful to VAISEF member facilities as well as LEA representatives.  Committee members need to be well connected with people in our field, creative, and motivated to create learning experiences and opportunities to all of our member facilities.

NOTE: Hotels and conference centers interested in speaking with a VAISEF representative concerning future meeting planning and event needs should contact VAISEF staff directly.