Little Keswick Partlow Best Practice Award 2013VAISEF is proud to be able to recognize its members annually for both their organizations’ accomplishments and the accomplishments of the individuals they employ. There are four awards that are presented annually, and a fifth award that is presented when there is a deserving awardee.

Margaret Shepherd Teaching Award

The Margaret Shepherd Teaching Award is VAISEF’s longest standing award. It annually recognizes a teacher at a VAISEF member facility that demonstrates a level of excellence and commitment consistent with the teaching career of Margaret Shepherd. Click here for more information on the award.

Making a Difference Award

This award, presented at the annual Spring VAISEF Conference, is intended to recognize a staff member that truly is “making a difference” in the lives of young people.  The award is open to all Professional and Para Professional Staff (except teachers, CEOs, presidents, and executive level positions) who work with students with special needs and is employed by a VAISEF member. Click here for more information on the award.

The Partlow Insurance Best Practices Award

The Partlow Insurance Agency, the endorsed insurance agency of VAISEF, has partnered with the association to establish the annual Partlow Insurance Best Practices Award recognizing the importance of disseminating Best Practices which may have been developed by individual schools and agencies.

Volunteer Award

This award is annually given to a person from a member facility that has gone above and beyond in their service to the association over the prior year.

The Michael Farley Excellence in Leadership Award

This award, created in 2014, annually recognizes individuals that have shown exceptional leadership in their service to the association. It is named in honor of Michael Farley, a VAISEF Past President, who served on the Board of Directors for over a decade and led the association and its sister organizations to excellence in their endeavors. When this award is presented, a donation is made in the awardee’s name to the Makindu Children’s Program; a charity of which Mr. Farley is a long time supporter.

Distinguished Service Award

This award is given when warranted to appointed or elected government officials that have provided distinguished service in their advocacy for students and individuals with disabilities and private schools that serve those individuals.