Provisional Membership

In the case of a member who has received a downgrade to provisional status in their license from the Department of Education, the Department of Social Services or the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services; or if a member has been deemed to have violated the VAISEF Code of Ethics after a thorough review and investigation of the circumstances, the Board may place a member on provisional membership status.

Conditions of a member placed on provisional membership status:

  1. The member will be assigned a technical advisor to assist and oversee the member as it attempts to comply with licensing requirements and/or correct other violations of the VAISEF Code of Ethics.
  2. The appropriate licensing and/or accrediting entity will be notified of this change of VAISEF membership status.
  3. On a case by case basis, the Board may determine the length of time that a member may be placed on provisional membership status and the conditions under which they may be restored to full membership, but in no event may provisional status last longer than 12 months.
  4. Granting of provisional membership status shall not prevent the Board from terminating membership at any time, if in their judgment a member is not acting in good faith to comply with licensing requirements or the VAISEF Code of Ethics or continues to violate these standards or is uncooperative with the technical advisor assigned to assist them.
  5. During the period of provisional membership, a member is expected to remain current with their financial and other membership obligations to VAISEF.  However, they will not be allowed to vote on any matter that comes before the body during membership meetings, nor will any employee of a provisional member be allowed to serve on the Board of Directors.  Should a member be terminated for cause at any time, they will not be entitled to any refunds or pro-rations of dues or other fees.

Approved by VAISEF membership on April 26, 2013.