VAISEF Policy Issue: Private Special Education Funding Under CSA

2018 Updates

Outcomes Workgroup

During 2018, VAISEF has been participating in a workgroup initiated by the Virginia General Assembly to study private day program educational outcomes. In October 2018, a draft report was released and VAISEF offered this response.

Rate Study

During the 2018 Session of the Virginia General Assembly, language was adopted in the state budget act that directed the Office of Children’s Services to contract with an independent consultant to study:

“…the current rates paid by localities to special education private day programs licensed by the Virginia Department of Education. The study shall include an examination of the adequacy of the current rates for private educational services for children placed outside of public school settings, and include recommendations for implementing a rate-setting structure for educational services reimbursed through the Children’s Services Act. The study shall consider the impact on local school districts, local governments, and public and private educational services providers. The Office of Children’s Services shall provide an interim report on the study’s findings to the Governor and the Chairmen of the Senate Finance and House Appropriations Committees by December 1, 2018, and a final report, including recommendations, by July 1, 2019.”

The firm contracted to carry out this study is Public Consulting Group,  a national consulting firm with extensive experience in human service rate setting, cost reporting and analysis, and stakeholder engagement and has specific expertise in special education policy and practice.

The first stakeholder meeting was held on October 30 and the presentation is available for viewing here.

2017 Materials

The following documents are related to the 2017 Virginia General Assembly study to Manage the Quality and Costs of Private Day Educational Placements Funded Through the Children’s Services Act.

VAISEF White Paper – Private Special Education – Executive Summary

VAISEF White Paper – Private Special Education – Full Paper

VAISEF  9/12/17 Symposium Presentation

VAISEF CSA SEC Public Comment 9/21/17

VAISEF Special Education Issue – Legislator Contact Information

These materials are available for VAISEF members to use to education policy makers, colleagues, and families. Please do not hesitate to contact VAISEF leadership or staff with questions or requests for assistance