Quality Educational Services

VAISEF members are dedicated to providing quality alternative private educational services to support students with special needs ranging from specific learning disabilities to emotional/behavioral difficulties.

Each facility or program offers creative, but rigorous, academic and clinical interventions which ensure an environment that meets the educational, social and emotional needs of students while providing support for and services to student families.

VAISEF members serve students from almost every locality in Virginia, as well as students from other US states and around the world.

If your locality needs to find an appropriate placement for one of your student’s, please use our Find a School feature to identify schools that may be a match.

Accreditation: Ensuring the best

VAISEF maintains a rigorous accreditation process with standards that mandate educational excellence. To receive VAISEF accreditation, the applicant facility must meet the criteria for accreditation and uphold these values:

  • Remain true to the school’s foundational statements (mission, philosphy and goals)
  • Meet the VAISEF standards of quality and accountability
  • Provide validation of the credibility of the school/program through peer review
  • Promote accountability to the school community and impacts parental contentment
  • Participate in continuous process of self-assessment and systematic school/program development
  • Guarantee transfer of credits between nonpublic and public schools
  • Give purpose and direction for long-range strategic planning

Parents and placement agencies are assured that in choosing an accredited VAISEF facility their child will be in a program that is regulated by the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Board of Education and passed a rigorous peer review process, thus assuring a quality program that is designed to provide an appropriate educational setting to meet the unique educational needs of the student.