VCU News: Helping children manage back-to-school anxiety

In an interview with VCU licensed clinical psychologist Michael Southam-Gerow, the issue of back to school anxiety for children and what parents can do to help them is discussed.

Why do kids get so uptight about going back to school?

Children, like adults, tend to do best in situations with good levels of controllability and predictability. For the most part, we all like homeostasis. Times of transition tend to decrease controllability and predictability – hence, one reason to get uptight. Also, for some kids, going back to school can mean coping with situations that are challenging for them. For example, some kids may struggle academically or socially. Or, some kids struggle with maintaining focus for long periods of time, as schools frequently require. So, there are a number of reasons why kids may be uptight about going back to school.

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